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History of viticulture on Tenerife

As early as in 1496, so shortly before Tenerife was conquered by the Spanish Crown, the first species of grape-vine was brought from Crete, the sweet Malvasia. Because Tenerife belongs to the sunniest places in Europe, a strong, sweet 15% wine, to which the contemporary European took a fancy. Quickly, that wine became the leading product what the Andalusian trades did not like whose turnover rapidly dropped down. The key element is the fact that for the Spaniards, Canarias Islands in that time was not only a colony (the fact which strengthened the aversion of the traders and owners of vineyards). Casa de Contracción y el Consejo de Indias in Seville imposed levies on the Canarias product. Since that time, the trade could be done only through the harbour in Seville. After 200 years, around 1700, the golden time for Malvasiera was over. Together with Madera and sherry, ne products became available, what forced Tenerife to changes. The soil was impoverished by extensive production and the same the quality of wine fell down.

Only in the half of the eighties of the last century, around 1984, the viticulture was renewed in Tacaronte on Tenerife. The regional owners of vineyards got together and created a brand of wine of common name „Tacaronte-Acentejo“of quality class comparable with DOC. From year to year ne vinicultures aroused from the primeval areas in many regions of the Island.

In the not distant past, the Canarias owners of the vineyards Tacaronter Alhondiga to quality control. Before 25 years, practically not known, today Canarias wines receive the highest awards.

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