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Wines from Tenerife

Tenerife has many areas for viticulture. In Tacaronte-Acentejo and Valle de la Orotava many red grapes are grown which almost always are of the highest quality. The most popular kinds are La Isleta, La Palmera, Viña Norte, Eras de Marques and Gran Theyda. On Tenerife, also white grape-vine is available but its taste is not good for everyone. Before a few centuries, it was completely opposite. Cueva del Rey is a white wine from Tenerife. Around Icod de los Vinos, also today, as the name itself indicates, there are many vineyards located.

Listan Negro and Listan blanco are the most preferably grown kinds of grape-vines on Tenerife. On particular areas of Tenerife, for examples in the mountains of Anaga Gebirge, Malvasia is still grown. Unfortunately, today, completely the growing of sweet makes was abandoned, only more dry versions.

The wines from Tenerife are mostly fresh and dry. That refers to mainly very good table wines which cannot be stored indefinitely. Mostly it does not happen because Tenerife hardly meets its own demand.

The prices for the wines from Tenerife are high what is related to the relation between sales and demand as well as the high costs of production.Teneriffa WeinThe grape-vines are mostly grown on artificial terraces which are very difficult to maintain. Additionally the areas of viticulture are very small. They cannot compete with the Continental part of Spain. While spending holidays on Tenerife and sitting in Bodega and sipping „Vino de la Casa“, do not forget if you for sure are drinking the wine from the island. Very frequently instead of real wines from Tenerife, considerably cheaper continental wine is sold. Canarios is a really frank nation and on request, they serve the real island wine.

The wines from Tenerife because of their high quality are today more and more expensive.

Below a choice of awarded wines:
Humboldt, white, 1997, Tacaronte
Viña Norte, red, 2000, Tacaronte
La Isleta, Muscat, 2001, Tacaronte
Cráter, white, 2001 Tacaronte
Humboldt, white, 2000, Tacaronte
Viña Norte, red, 2000, Tacaronte
Brumas de Ayosa, white, 2001, Güimar
Pico Cho Marcial, white, 2001 Güimar

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